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Warranty Warranty

Statutory Conditions and Warranties
CYCLOTOUCH.com.au provides a voluntary warranty and applies the Conditions and Warranties required by law.

Statutory Conditions and Warranties
For all products sold, CycloTouch provide conditions and warranties contained in the Commonwealth Trade Practices Act 1974.

The conditions provide that unless the product has defects which CycloTouch specifically bring to your attention before the sale, the product is of merchantable quality - that is,

1. the product is free from manufacturing defects and faults and reaches a basic level of quality given the price of the product and any description that is provided with the product;
2. the product is fit for the purpose or job for which it is normally supplied or to which CycloTouch agreed before the sale.
3. the product matches any description provided on our website or on labelling or packaging (See "Changes to Product"); and
4. you receive clear title to the product
The warranties provide that the product is clear of finance or encumbrances; and you will have free title to the product.

If the product does not fulfil any of these conditions or warranties then, provided the claim is made within a reasonable period after the sale, you may be entitled, at your discretion, to a refund, replacement of the product or to have it repaired. A reasonable period depends on the circumstances of each sale including but not limited to the nature, quality and price of the product.

Any refund agreed to may be less than the purchase price depending on any use or consumption of the product which has occurred or any contribution that use by you has made to the cause of the claim.
Customer Service will consider each claim on its merits on a case by case basis and, if required, will negotiate a solution that is acceptable to Cyclotouch and you including any costs involved.
For more information about your rights as a consumer, see the ACCC website at www.accc.gov.au or download a free copy of the Warranties and Refunds Guide at http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/322947.

CycloTouch cannot provide a refund, credit or exchange if you have:
1. damaged the product by using it in a way it was not meant to be used.
2. changed your mind and decided you no longer want the product or just don't like it,
3. found you can buy the same or similar product elsewhere for a cheaper price,
4. had a defect drawn to your attention before you purchased the product, for example, when products are clearly labelled as seconds or faulty,
5. bought the goods for resale.
6. Voluntary Warranty Policy

All products sold by CycloTouch have a "dead on arrival" (DOA) warranty. This means that if the product is damaged during delivery and a claim is made within 14 days from the date of dispatch, CycloTouch will replace or repair the product at our discretion and our cost. If CycloTouch have no further stock of the item and it cannot be repaired CycloTouch will replace it with a similar product or offer you a full refund.
If the damage is discovered after the 14 day upon receipt of product, our RMA department will determine whether circumstances are such that you can still proceed with a claim. You can take advantage of this offer for up to twelve months after sale.
This warranty does not apply to damage packaging only and does not detract from your statutory rights.


Manufacturers Voluntary Warranty
Many of the products supplied by CycloTouch are covered by manufacturers'voluntary warranty. The terms and conditions of such warranties are beyond our control and it is your choice whether to use such warranties. Where possible the time of such warranty will be shown on our website.
For some products it may be more efficient for you to contact the manufacturer rather than CycloTouch. Particularly for electronic equipments.
A manufacturers warranty does not detract from your statutory rights.


Making a Claim

To make a claim you must:
1. provide us with a copy of your tax invoice or similar proof that the item was purchased from us.
2. describe accurately the problem you have encountered and provide evidence (eg a photograph) to support your claim
3. state whether you are requesting a replacement, repair, refund or credit
We only accept claims via email: rma@cyclotouch.com.au only. Please do not send any product back to us without contacting rma@cyclotouch.com.au and receive a Return Material Authorisation. Customer will receive a ARN (Authorised Return Number) if RMA is granted.

Return of Product
Where warranty department has determined that, on the facts you have provided, a claim may be granted you will be issued with an Authorised Return Number (ARN). We will not accept the return of a product without an ARN. The product must be returned to us within 30 calendar days from the issue date of the ARN. Where possible, the product must be packed in the original, unmarked packaging including any accessories, manuals, documentation and registration that was delivered with the product.

The ARN will provide our Reply Paid number which can be used to return smaller products by post. In the case of large products we will send our courier to pick them up from your place.

CycloTouch will test any returned product, and to ask you to demonstrate that the problem with the product was not your fault. After the product has been returned a final decision on granting the claim will be made by our warranty department.
Where it is agreed that the claim is valid a replacement or repaired product will be returned to you at our expense.
Where upon receipt of the returned product we determine that the product did comply with the warranties and conditions and the condition of the product was misrepresented to us by you, the expense for the return of the product to us and the expense of returning the product to you will be deducted from your account as well as a AUD$50 handling and administration fee.


Refunds or credit
No refund or replacement will be given until we have received the product from you. Refunds will be issued by cheque, EFT or a credit to your account.


Where a replacement is agreed to after a warranty claim is granted the replacement will be delivered to you at our expense after we have received your returned product. Where a non warranty claim is granted the replacement will be delivered to you at your expense.

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